The Curse Of The Modern Age

They say that progress is good. It appears that almost every day we hear of some breakthrough or another. Some progress is of course welcome, particularly in respect of new drugs or treatments that can alleviate suffering or keep our loved ones on the earth longer. Conversely, some progress may not be considered so good. For example, in the field of weapons and arms, man has taken the mass killing of other human beings to almost apocalyptic proportions, is this really progress?

One of the areas that has progressed substantially over the past 50 years is technology and it is here that I feel it has caused the human mind the greatest problems. Look around you after you have finished reading this article, chances are, someone will be glued to their mobile phone checking emails or Facebook perhaps ( I will forgive them if they are looking at www.pobl.org.uk by the way).
People who work never seem to be able to ‘switch off’ from them. When you last went on holiday did you notice the man or woman who was constantly checking their iPhone and said to their complaining partner “i’ll just send this last email to this client” etc. You are supposed to be relaxing! Herein lies the problem, we are constantly bombarded with information, we are too easy to get hold of by employers and others when we really should be relaxing. The mind is unable to switch off and relax, if we get a twisted ankle we are told to rest it, usually we follow this advice so how can we not seem to do it with the mind?

Add to this the uncertainty of employment due to the current economic climate where people are fearful for their jobs they think that they must always be working 60 hours a week, despite being paid for 37.5. The human mind is like a machine, it is designed to survive and it is resilient…to a point. Even the most well maintained machines can and do break down, sometimes beyond repair.
Too many people continue to work their minds without giving it any downtime, they are constantly doing a hundred things at once, however, the mind will take it’s own break if you do not do it. The body has its own defence mechanisms for looking after itself if you do not, my appeal to you in this article is for it not to get that far.

Our Patron Ruby Wax is a great exponent of a technique called MINDFULNESS, we will get an article up on our website for you very soon to discover this powerful tool. At first, I have to admit, I was very sceptical when I heard about it and I thought it was going to be a bit of mumbo jumbo with a hint of Buddhism thrown in for good measure. Well guess what? Put away any thoughts of shaved heads and orange robes, Mindfulness is not that (unless you want to wear that stuff). Mindfulness is about focusing on the here and now, not work, not emails, not a nagging partner (have you got one of those too?), nothing, just the here and now.

When I was being treated for stress, I had to go and see a doctor who specialised in Occupational Health, one of the things he asked me was “when was the last time you actually took time to watch a bee taking pollen from flowers in the garden?” I thought “this bloke needs more help than I do”, but actually, he was right, I had never done this. His point was, when did I actually take time to switch off from work, the answer was I never did and this is what perhaps caused me problems. If, by causing me to ‘switch off’ from work, mindfulness can help you to relax why not give it a try?

It’s free once you have been taught it and I have to tell you, it works! Contact us if you want some more information, we have sourced some absolutely brilliant teachers of mindfulness so that you don’t have to go running around to find out who is effective etc.

Leave it to us, that’s what we are here for! Use contact@pobl.org.uk and we will get someone to contact you.

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DBM as he is known to us here at POBL is our Chief Executive. He has a background in law and business development. He is passionate about helping businesses and individuals understand the importance of addressing mental health both in and out of the workplace. An accomplished speaker and presenter he is just as comfortable delivering complex training courses as he is giving informal talks on the work of POBL. He has just become a Mental Health First Aid Instructor for the armed forces and the veterans communities and regularly lectures to these groups. He is committed to equality of opportunity and regularly gives talks to community groups free of charge. He has brought a wealth of legal contacts that POBL can draw on for the benefit of our clients. In his spare time he sits as a Magistrate and is also an officer in the Air Training Corps in the rank of Squadron Leader.
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