Sam Chatwell

Hey everyone, my name’s Sam and I’m really excited to have joined the team
at the amazing POBL! I’m a 28 year old (crazy) cat-loving woman (that looks
about 14) who’s suffered with anxiety and depression for the last 12 years,
but now that it’s under control I’m ready to start really helping those
around me, including you! I’m very big on equality for everyone, no matter
who or what you are. I love to draw and write – currently penning a comic,
play on the xbox and listen to Lady Gaga (don’t judge – equality!) during my
free time. I’m quite a shy and anxious person when you first meet me, but
that soon changes; I may be tiny but I’ve got a big mouth! I love to see
people smiling and happy, it’s what drives me to wanting a better world for
everyone to live in. I’m not a fan of the sea or rude people!”

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